Sunday, May 30, 2004


I am thinking of starting a feminist button section when I can update my site again. I have some really good ideas, and have already started on the designs. You can see a preview here. I already have a few feminist buttons up already, but they are scattered, and that isn't the vision I have for my shop. I have many opinions on many issues, and so it's hard to get all of them down. Also, some things blend into each other. Do the more political of my black pride buttons buttons belong in the politics section? Well, it's part of the ambiguity of business, I guess.

Friday, May 21, 2004

On Cheap Buttons..

The entire geek buttons section is on sale. 1 inch buttons are 75 cents, 2 inch buttons are 1.50, and 4 button pin packs are a dollar off. Get anime buttons, manga buttons, comic buttons, and much more on the cheap!

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

On Button Photos

I have added a page to my site. Now the fronts of buttons created for actual orders are displayed.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

On Creamy Mami Buttons

I have added some new Creamy Mami buttons to my site. I may start making more buttons for more obscure shoujo shows. The reason is three fold. On one hand, it's something that not everyone with a button maker has thought of, as there are many different button sellers on the net, and on the other, while there are copy right problems, it is not as big a risk as others may take. For example, let's say, I start making Azumanga Daioh buttons. ADV, the American rights holder, is perfectly within its rights to tell me to cease and desist, and I would have to do so. While Studio Pierrot is well within its rights, derivative works seem to be stopped less often in Japan- as evidenced by the thousands of doujinshi(fan comics) sold openly at Comiket, and other markets. Also, I just like cute things, and shoujo(a term meaning 'for girls') anime is cute stuff, much unlike the sad stereotype that many porn hunters have of it.

In other news, I have started a lot of new ebay listings- get them while they are hot. I have also added a poll to Cassowary Buttons to serve customers better.

Monday, May 17, 2004

This is another picture of a 2 inch button back.  Posted by Hello

These are what the backs of my buttons look like. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Whore Those Auctions, Baby!

I don't want to clean my room, so I've been busy on eBay! I'm busting out with tons of new auctions! First, we have 2 inch Anti Bush Buttons- the usual "Anyone But Bush" "Anarchy 2004" etc. Then in a fit of unoriginailty, I have some Creamy Mami buttons for sale. Creamy Mami is an old school anime in which a young girl gains the abilty to transform into a singing sensation. Both 1 inch and 2 inch versions are avaliable. Of course, to tie in with my previous post, it's all about the risks you want to take. Putting copy righted material on eBay could get your auctions pulled. There are also some buttons based on Japanese wood block prints from the 30's. I love 'em, and here they are in 1 inch and 2 inch versions. Also, I have some great anti racism buttons, with original snarky slogans that will have you jumping with glee! I'm getting back in that eBay groove!
Copyright and the Button Maker

I was thinking about copyright, and found this page for collage artists, which I thought also applied to button makers. Often, people will think they can just stick celebrity pictures on a button, and since it's a derivative work, it should be fine, right? No. Or that because they got the image off the net, it's public domain, or because they aren't making a million bucks, they deserve to use anything they want. All of these are false beliefs. It's better to learn about potential problems beforehand, than complain when it arises. This site is just the first step. Learning copyright law may also protect you. When you create original buttons, you don't want someone to take your hard work, and use it. Also, for you determined to use other works, it can also show you the loopholes in which you can get your work through. (and selling a button is not 'fair use') and whether you are willing to take the risk.

Monday, May 10, 2004

On Auction Whoring

I have three button lot auctions on Ebay, for you who want the opportunity for a bargain. Here is an auction that is ending on Wednesday. It features a lot of buttons with slogans from "sex positive" to "mcdildo- I'm lovin' it". Another fun batch of buttons advertises a love of comics and manga to the world. These four fun buttons start at .99 cents. Of course, the best bargain is yet to come. Just listed today is a lot of political buttons starting at one cent. It can't get any lower than that, so take advantage. Well, that's it for today's auction whoring. Come back soon for button bargains.
On Live Journal

There are several Live Journal communities for button makers and button lovers alike. One of these is the Button Whores community. This community, attractively designed with black background, and pink font, caters to both makers and buyers of buttons. There are plenty of button sellers hawking their auctions, along with people asking for button making tips, and if they can find specific buttons.

It is more heavy on selling than buying, but less heavy than some other communities. There are many members, but many seem to just lurk. There are few controversies here- it's just good buttony fun.

Friday, May 07, 2004

On eBay

I'm a bit worried about Ebay's changes in its non paying bidder program. Where is the certainty of knowing the buyer will be out of there in three NPBs? What if the buyer instead can terrorize the sellers, and by extension, the other buyers. A seller's time should be used listing more bargains and attending to paying customers, not people who think that they are too good to pay. I think sellers should be protected more, because when all the decent sellers are chased off eBay, the good buyers will have no where to turn.
Remember the rule of thumb, people. If you would be embarrassed, kicked out, or banned from a retail shop for doing what you are doing, don't do it online.
Cassowary Sightings.

One of my buttons was inculded in Chateau Bizarre's May 3rd Finds Section! Woo~!
On Plugging Your Own Site

Today is Friday, and as promised, there is an update. There are political buttons- Sexy Lefty and John Kerry is a Douche Bag But I'm Voting for Him Anyway (named after the popular site) and a geek button (Magical Girls Rule!) Also, there are two new auctions with low starting bids, and John Kerry is a DoucheBag buttons are only 75 cents. See my sales page for details.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

There is a new sale at Cassowary Buttons. Every Child a Loved Child Buttons for 75 cents each. Check it out, and enjoy.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

On eBay

If you get a bidder like this, you need to be prepared. Here's a seller's toolbox for the bidders from hell.

1)Know EBay's policies. A customer sending harassing emails to other customers? Auction Interference. Bidding on your auctions just to leave negatives? Campaign to harass. These can be used to protect you when you get a numpty.

2)Be clear in your auctions! Put up a photo of the exact item you are selling. Make it clear. State your policies clearly in the auction, so you can refer back to them.

3)Use delivery confirmation. Protect yourself against fake claims of an item lost.

4)State that you will not take returns without proof. If you have a too lenient return policy, people will take advantage and fast.

5)Don't be afraid for your feedback. You need to discourage these people, not encourage them. Don't be afraid of negatives, and don't bend to unreasonable demands. If you get a negative, post clear, factual replies. The bidders who know what they are doing will note this. Also, if they use profanity, or put your contact information in feedback, you can get it removed.

6)If they don't pay, file non paying bidder, and file for a final value fee credit. Three of these from different sellers can kick a bidder off. Don't make things worse for other sellers! Report these!