Thursday, September 23, 2004

I was reading on the switchboards about how annoyed people get when people complain about their prices. I totally feel them. If you can't afford to shop, then don't shop. If you want their high quality handmade goods, pay the price, but if you want mass produced sweat shop labor produced items, well, you're welcome to get them.

People in business have their prices for reasons, especially one man/woman businesses. For example, it takes money to get the things to make the items, and not only that, these people don't buy in the cheaper by volume bulk lots that larger businesses may buy in. Not to mention they need to advertise their sites, go to craft fairs to pimp their goods, package their goods in a cute manner,etc,etc. All of this costs money that the average indie business person doesn't have.

So yes, these adorable bangles cost $7- but the person took time and effort in making them, and chasing down the stuff to make these items. If you want to enjoy a well made product, you might have to pay a bit more.

I'm cheap, and I admit that, but I'd never ask someone to lower their price for me. I'd usually wait for a sale or see if I could snag it cheap off ebay or if I really had to have it, save up, but never annoy a small business person about their prices.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I'm still trying to get the keywords and stuff right for jewelry selling. It's a whole new area. Also, here's to hoping I can update my site again soon. Also, some stuff on ebay is ending within about 24 hours or so. Be a sport, check it out.

In other small business news, Mad Scientist University, a game created by a young game creator, who is an alumni of Emory University, will soon be sold from the gaming shop Sword of the Phoenix. This of course brings up the fascinating question of whether it is better to sell things yourself and get all of the profits, or to consign your things and get more exposure? I'm too inexperienced to answer that question.

Speaking of consignment, I have a few buttons in the divatribe shop, but I should work harder with that store. Things in that store have to be exculsives, so I do worry a bit about putting new designs in, since buttons are kind of 'mass produced' product.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

I forgot to put a picture up. I really like this necklace, personally, even though purple and not pink is my favorite color to go along with green... Posted by Hello
Here is a link with more information. I do costume jewelry nowadays, but then again, I am not the type who has ever had the real stuff.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Yet again, there are auctions closing today. Things are picking up, scanning problems nonewithstanding.

Monday, September 13, 2004

I got some more supplies today, so I made a necklace. It's a pink and green one, and I put it up on ebay. I'm a bit nervous about selling things like this on ebay, as I am not a stone expert. I think the stones are rose quartz and jade, and they were sold to me that way, but how could I be sure? Then again, it's being sold for twelve bucks on ebay, so it should be clear that it's fashion jewelry, not the lost jewels of the Queen of England. The stones are also all small pendants which are detachable if you really want to detach them. I'm thinking of making some bracelets, but I don't have enough beads, and my stretch magic doesn't look classy enough to have the pendants on it.

In button news, I'm working hard, but need to draw some things, as that is my new area. Buttons with original art just look more creative and classier than ones without. Although I worry my drawing style is a bit primitive.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Yet again, I am selling a Kerry/Edwards button, which is ending today. Also, one of the hard parts about custom buttons is trying to anticipate what sort of design the person wants. Maybe I should change the requests so that I have a better idea of what layout they want.. I want to work on jewelry, but most of my supplies haven't arrived yet. So I might draw new designs for buttons.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Yay! Instead of working for publicity, I'll just say that some great vintage Japanese wood cut type buttons have only 9 hours left. Cute buttons for cheap! Spend some cash, maybe it'll stimulate the economy.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

I changed the website around to partition it into two sections- one for buttons, and one for jewelry. I only have button bracelets up now, but I plan to get a lot more up in the future. On ebay, some anti Bush buttons are ending today. Get them now.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

I'm selling an handmade lampwork bracelet on ebay. This is my first(well, almost) foray into jewelry for sale. I went to a flea market in July, and I sold a wooden green and pink bracelet to a girl, who was quite possibly an AKA, I think. You know, that gives me an idea.. It's good to work it on more than one line, possibly, although it's more than double the work getting set up. I am trying to get more buttons up on my website, but fortunecity isn't wanting to cooperate.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

It seems that my obsessions buttons are going...going...well you get the idea. The anime addict button is one I'm particularily proud of- I'm getting better with the GIMP.