Tuesday, May 18, 2004

On Creamy Mami Buttons

I have added some new Creamy Mami buttons to my site. I may start making more buttons for more obscure shoujo shows. The reason is three fold. On one hand, it's something that not everyone with a button maker has thought of, as there are many different button sellers on the net, and on the other, while there are copy right problems, it is not as big a risk as others may take. For example, let's say, I start making Azumanga Daioh buttons. ADV, the American rights holder, is perfectly within its rights to tell me to cease and desist, and I would have to do so. While Studio Pierrot is well within its rights, derivative works seem to be stopped less often in Japan- as evidenced by the thousands of doujinshi(fan comics) sold openly at Comiket, and other markets. Also, I just like cute things, and shoujo(a term meaning 'for girls') anime is cute stuff, much unlike the sad stereotype that many porn hunters have of it.

In other news, I have started a lot of new ebay listings- get them while they are hot. I have also added a poll to Cassowary Buttons to serve customers better.

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