Monday, November 29, 2004

This is a fun reminder. Don't steal images! (warning:NSFW)

Friday, November 26, 2004

I have decided to list on also. I need to advertise more, but that would invovle making a cool logo in photoshop. I also need to put up more of the awesome designs I have in my head on my site. However, I ate too much turkey... I still have auctions up on ebay. Since it was a holiday weekend, I decided to make them ten day auctions instead of 7 days, for more exposure. The pearl bracelet is my favorite, although it was a bit picky to put together. I guess I should learn more advanced beading styles sooner or later, though.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Ebay is changing the rules again, and many are outraged. It doesn't seem too well thought out to me. I give buyers ten days to pay, and I usually use first class mail- which may take additional time to get there, because I don't want to charge $5 to ship a bangle. So a buyer could mail their payment on day ten, and it might take another week to get there, and then they could say they didn't receive their item! I think the old 30 day was good, because after a month, you know you have a problem, even though there may be problems with media mail, which is fairly slow. I guess this is an example of how you should think before making a business decision.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I am amazed this pair of shoes only went for $158.00. I felt sure it would have gone for $200. I am only a lowly seller, so I never get a 21 bid auction. Then again, very few people are getting 21 bid auctions lately, and most are getting more like one bid, if any bid auctions. This economy has lots and lots of people selling to get cash after they have been laid off, and so the market is a bit dodgy. I'm starting adwords for my store again, hoping to get traffic up.

I'm not as good as a PR pimp as some who are always submitting their wares to magazines, or to charity auctions, because I lack the confidence. I love my stuff, but there's a huge difference between a sterling silver tennis bracelet with real diamonds or something or even a handcrafted bag, made out of vintage fabric, and a chip beaded bracelet, even if it has a cute heart on the end. It's great fun jewelry, but I don't really have a high end grouping. I guess that can be my selling point-fun stuff at a good price. I mean seriously, there's a lot of room for both $200 bracelets and $5 bracelets! Seriously, what do you buy more of? $1 items like my buttons, or items that cost $35?

But then again, who knows? The profit margin is a bit fatter on other items I guess. But then again, who has time to do all that when they should be studying?

Friday, November 12, 2004

I don't think there is any cut and dry rule on who is going to be a good ebay seller. For example, I have a lower feedback percentage than some people, but I have 2 negs over a year, and some of the people with better percentages have like 50 negs over a month. Some sellers with really shrill TOS have been good sellers too, but then again, I mostly buy clothing, and people have a good reason to be shrill in that category.

People negging because it doesn't fit, people having fun bidding up your item and not paying(I have had people not pay on auctions less than $5, and I don't even sell in the tough clothes category), basically there's a lot to go wrong- especially if the buyer doesn't read the description of the item.

I also have a bone to pick with people always trying to say that sellers should do feedback first. BS. They should do feedback when the transaction is over. Maybe it is because I'm a good buyer, but I'm not looking for the feedback, I'm looking for my item. I know that sellers can't just assume you'll be a good buyer- especially if you have a good feedback profile. You could have gotten undeserved feedback from a feedback firster, and then have scammed the seller ten ways til sunday, or at least written them nasty emails.

The thing to remember about buying on the internet is that no one knows you from Adam. You could have stolen ten credit cards, or have saved ten orphans' lives and are just buying winter coats for them. No one knows! So blaming sellers for wanting to keep their businesses afloat, I just don't get.
After much ado, I finally updated my site. I have nearly 50 items up, which is a good start. I hope to have more before the deep part of the holiday season hits. I am buying more supplies for jewelry, and I am thinking up more ideas for button slogans. I tend to do buttons and jewelry differently.

I always put buttons on my site first, and jewelry on ebay first. Buttons are pretty uniform, so you can put the same price on them, but I'm trying to figure out the jewelry market, so I try ebay first. Or maybe I mixed it up. God, I'm tired. Also, I tend to put out assorted things I want to get rid of such as manga duplicates on ebay, too. I guess I should branch out to other sites, but I don't have much inventory anyway.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Well, if you are looking for an ad collective, here is a livejournal group where they are trying to put one together. I have finally gotten about to paying for an ad for my site. I got a lot of traffic from quizilla the last time, and hope to get some more, and some sales out of it too.

I'm running a bit low on stock, so I should get to making things, or at least having more ideas for buttons. I put up two all new button designs on my site. I still haven't put up my favorite one "Don't Blame Me. You voted against yourself" up. I hope the economy perks up at least.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Has everyone noticed how early Christmas advertisements have started this year? It is barely out of October, and I see Christmas stuff. Then again, I'm not helping, I sold an Christmas bracelet earlier and am selling one now. I hope the Holiday shopping season goes strong, this economy seems sort of stagnant.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I have made two chokers,(actually 3, but one I am not selling) with velcro closures. The velcro is because it's a no sew project. I would like to be able to sew, but I'm the type of person who can't even make a simple skirt. But Velcro is awesome.