Thursday, February 24, 2005

It seems that Auction Flair is having problems as well:

Auction Flair Update Dear Shannon ,We have just received notification that someone has contacted those who registered for our old forum making false claims about Auction Flair. We no longer have control over the information posted at our old (free) forum which was located at 1-2-free-forums.comWhen we started Auction Flair, we wanted to get the word out quickly and chose to host our discussions. We do not know if it is a third party or if it is the owners of the 1-2-free-forums that were involved in this attack. It is interesting to note that is hosted by AllStream of Canada and has an extremely similar IP address to that of an individual (ebayrules) who attempted to cause trouble on the old forum.We apologize for the confusion this individual(s) has caused.Also, be aware that it is trivial to fake the sending address on an e-mail and those 300 or so of you who were registered for the old forum may very well be sent false e-mails and/or spam. At this time we believe the information recorded when you reserved your user-id to be secure.We are very, very sorry for this occurance that was caused by trusting a public, free forum. It is very fortunate that we moved the forum this past weekend to our own servers and now are able to maintain exclusive control over your information.Please understand that our policy is to never sell/release your information to third parties. Protecting your information is very important to us.Again, we apologize for future e-mails beyond our control sent to those who were registered for the old free forum. (We were intending to delete all user data from the old forum on Friday now that our new forum is up!)We are truly sorry for the inconvenience. We are continuing to work to bring you the best auction site we can!Andy and Amy Mayer - Auction Flair

I'm not saying this dooms the site, but with the recent problems with wagglepop, it would be good to be catious. I guess people think that they can just create an ebay alternative with nothing more than a free website, and two guys who think they can code if they have a book or something. I mean with all this hassle, you could do your own website and get traffic to it.

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