Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I simply don't think that black business will solve all our problems. There have been many black businesses since Africans have even been in America. Yes, black business is good, and we should support it, but there are other issues. Some of this stuff is just plain wrong- American Indians and Hispanics, especially non white Hispanics, do not have a good economic base in America, although their political base may not be the strongest either. I also believe that blacks have been pulling themselves up by the bootstraps even when we had no boots. The thing is that without political and social issues, the economic base falls into rumble. If blacks don't have good schools, can't get good jobs and shop at our businesses, well, what good does that do? If they are in jail, and can't buy our products, what good does that do? I think the real problem is focusing on the economic at the expense of other things. Yes, that's one aspect, and we should work hard, but the real problem is seeing things as either/or. Either you totally assimilate and become a white person painted black or you're just a ghetto hoodrat. Either we build black businesses or we fight for justice.

While I understand we don't have all the resources in the world, we do have millions of people. If I build my business, and work on transit issues, my brother can lead the charge for school justice and buy from black businesses. For every kid we rescue, we can have yet another person working for us. And it's not just black people- we have allies of every race who want justice for all.

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