Saturday, November 05, 2005

Victory in the girlcott, but there are still so many alternatives for t shirts that no one needs to buy A&F. Another alternative shirt maker I love is Uppity Negro. Some people say that liberal politics shouldn't be represented on shirts. But Dixie Outfitters is just fine. Standing up against oppression is a lot different than showing your support for flags that have flown over KKK rallies and state houses to show support for school segregation. If anyone has any questions, I have a lot of information on the murders and terrorism that the KKK did. Also, I have information on the Civil Rights movement, and the ongoing fight against school integration.

Hugo weighs in. I'm only 21, and know better. I sometimes wish I could have a t shirt line, but maybe when I get older, as it's a bit more expensive to sell t shirts.

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