Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tip for small business people doing kid's designs: Today over forty percent of public school students in the US are minorities. The number of minority children is expected to increase, and in 2050, America is expected to be fifty-fifty between whites and minorities. You are missing a large part of your customer base if you decide to only have white faces on your t shirts, your blankets, your toys or your dolls. A more diverse approach can also get you cash from parents who may not be of an ethnic minority but are interested in their child getting to know about the world as it is and accepting differences. It's the small things that help you profit. Also, if you're working in a local area, try for underserved niches. If you're making handmade rag dolls, and you notice that there are many black people streaming by looking at your display longingly- try a black doll design. Small business works because we can respond to the needs of our communities. Let's use our strengths.

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