Friday, March 10, 2006

Professionalism Tips for Business Online

The internet is a well established place for business today, however, there are a few tips that can help you seem professional when you do business online:

1)Don't have gimmicks like mouse trails, loud music(especially when you can't turn it off, huge flashing text, and the like on your website.

2)In email newsletters or on forums, use standard text for most of your copy and use colorful copy to stand out.

3)Use spellcheck, and review your grammar. Don't use internet english(like U check OUT mi shop!!!!) or excessive puncutation.

4)Please don't spam. Even if you are allowed to post your ad once, that doesn't mean you can post it five times a day. Make sure ads are allowed in the space you want to post them.

5)Try to make your website easy to read. Busy background and text colors that do not go with the background can turn off customers.

6)Please reply to emails in a professional manner- don't curse and use complete sentences.

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