Saturday, October 13, 2007

An etsy seller gives the lowdown on promos. I find that you tend to get better results posting a new thread if you title it in a way that makes other people want to look: be both general enough so that a lot of people will be interested in and have items for the thread, and specific enough so that your thread is not all over the place.

Not so good: "look at my shop" why? what's in your shop? why do we care?
good: Gifts for Golfers why? many items can be gifts for golfers- socks, little doo doodads with gold related slogans on them,etc. People who like golf and people who know people who like golf will check out this thread.

Also, how you act in the promos post can help too. Come back to your post, and comment on the items that other people have posted. Chat about aspects of these items that you like. People like being complimented. Of course, when you post your link, try to say what's on the page. I'm more likely to click "hand crocheted golf club cozy" than a plain link.


Di said...

Hey there!

A friend also tipped me off that using the word "you" in a subject line really does produce clicks. So, for instance, the other day, I posted a promo that said "Honk if you love lavender!"

I got 18 honks, and around 30 extra hits on my item. So it works, but you gotta be willing to swim.

Becca said...

So true!
Though sometimes I don't follow the proper rules.