Friday, December 14, 2007

So I'm packing up my orders from etsy, and am boggling. I'm always getting tripped up on etsy because the site seems to be set up as an area for all crafters to try to sell- the lack of jurying, the fact that they talk about it being a place for everything handmade,etc. Also, there's a forum to tell admins your ideas, and you can get the admins to post a storque article for you if you write it yourself, giving the illusion of a democracy or at least some participation. So I am often confused about the etsy spririt- is it a community where people of all skill levels, all pocket book sizes, all energy levels to be connected with buyers, other crafters and admirers, or is it a place for the 'crafting elite'? I would prefer the former as there's plenty of the latter. To develop a crafting world that is awesome and to promote handmade items, I think we need to have more community feeling. There are plenty of sites for the elite only, but let's have etsy be for the rest of us.


Cozy said...

I am one of "the rest of us". I agree with your post. There should be room enough for everyone there.

shannon said...

Yea, I'm also a buyer, and even though I have a tight budget, I manage to spread a lot of love.