Monday, January 28, 2008

I have a bone to pick with stylehive! It took me ten minutes to find my url, and that's only because I backengineered it from my rss feed url! I'm internet savvy enough to know that a url that says 'myhive' can only be used by me when I'm logged in. The sharing tools were totally useless. Personally, people on my contacts in gmail- don't care what I think of the latest jewelry. My mom, my profs, people from grad school, people from undergrad...all people who don't want stupid spam in their box! Not to mention, facebook! folks from high school,undergrad and grad school? don't care about my latest fashion picks! That's why I need a url to show only people who actually care my stylehive. And make it easy for me. Web 2.0 is the hot new thing, but use common sense. I like social shopping as much as anyone else- but I know my friends irl[i.e. the main people I have in my email list] would rather eat a live mouse than get eleventy emails everytime I joined a new site.

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