Sunday, June 22, 2008

Art Doll makers want a category on etsy. The collectibles categories have been not implemented for reasons unknown. My listing has been neglected, as I enjoy creating things, and I enjoy promoting things, but I do not enjoy listing things. I haven't even changed the photos for the items I took new photographs of.


abit said...

the collectibles category wasnt implimented because 98% of the things being shoved into that category (my stuff included) were not actually collectibles.

Admin are refusing to make 2 categories (dolls 7& soft sculpture and primitive/ folk art) despite the fact that these are two distinct categories with nothing whatsoever in common

twenty pound tabby said...

I thought the collectibles category was just wrong for art dolls. Since I doubt we'll get a stand alone category, I'm pushing for an art doll category under art. Right now, I'm not about to put anything high end up since it'll just get buried with no good way to find it.