Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hey, I don't like this poll design!

You have to basically answer 'etsy sucks', unless you want to be some sort of jerk who says that everyone with an issue with etsy , no matter whether it's the folks who pick the front page's obsession with white women being attacked by clothing to too many resellers is a whiner.

And saying bad things about other sellers is just bad business. Not only are sellers buyers, and you just called them all lazy whiners who suck at life, it just smacks of hypocrisy. If whining is what people who don't focus on business do, and you're whining about that...hmm...

I need to advertise my free shipping sale more, but I have more than one tab open. I can blog and advertise at the same time.

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Stacey said...

Hey, whether or not you think it sucks, there is always that little 'comment' button where you can add what you think.

The last bit of the post says 'What do you think? Does Etsy need to turn things around, or are these simply users scorned? Click "Comments" to tell us what you think.'

I added a bit about what I thought there. I think the comments are still open to new posts.