Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I learn that all photographers nowadays are fake.

An old store

Thanks to this enlightening flickr thread! I agree with the people who say it's just a bigger pool of talent to pull from. I don't have much talent with a camera, but I do like that digital cameras allow me to snap my little photos of everyday life-decaying stores,nondescript greenery, frowning babies, and also allow me to take photos of my items easily. It takes me sometimes thirty or forty shots before I get the five I want to present to the world. With film, that would be expensive, but with digital, I can do it in an afternoon and get back to crafting. That's what technology is for- to make it easier for us to do our vocations.


Anna K. said...

I am from the school of terrible photography... I retake photos of my merchandise over and over and then i just give up... ha!

shannon said...

Never give up! It'll improve, even if just a little.