Thursday, July 22, 2010

4 in the queue

This new feature in my blog is called 4 in the queue, in which you are privvy to my embarrassing media habits.

At #1 is Toy Story 2. I have seen every Toy Story movie but this one, as the first one was released in my childhood when I was able to freely enjoy cartoons, and the third one was released recently, but the 2nd one was released when I was a teenager, and felt too embarrassed to watch cartoons in the theater.

At #3 is Ponyo.

I saw this movie in a comfortable empty theater, in contrast to my experience with Toy Story 3, which had crying kids and grown ups who should know better on cell phones. The only other people in the theater were two old women, who I got the feeling were the ones who really wanted to see the movie, and a small child, who was too young[maybe about 2? 3?] to really grasp the idea of a movie, but ate her snacks and occasionally watched the screen. I want to see it again, therefore the queuing.

At #9 is Frontline: The Vaccine Wars. I heard it was interesting, and also, I don't like watching films on my computer as much as I like watching them on TV. It's harder to multitask using the computer.

At #10 is This Film is Not Yet Rated. I put this on my queue years ago, and it has finally surfaced to the top. I have hundreds of movies like this in my queue.

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