Friday, November 12, 2004

I don't think there is any cut and dry rule on who is going to be a good ebay seller. For example, I have a lower feedback percentage than some people, but I have 2 negs over a year, and some of the people with better percentages have like 50 negs over a month. Some sellers with really shrill TOS have been good sellers too, but then again, I mostly buy clothing, and people have a good reason to be shrill in that category.

People negging because it doesn't fit, people having fun bidding up your item and not paying(I have had people not pay on auctions less than $5, and I don't even sell in the tough clothes category), basically there's a lot to go wrong- especially if the buyer doesn't read the description of the item.

I also have a bone to pick with people always trying to say that sellers should do feedback first. BS. They should do feedback when the transaction is over. Maybe it is because I'm a good buyer, but I'm not looking for the feedback, I'm looking for my item. I know that sellers can't just assume you'll be a good buyer- especially if you have a good feedback profile. You could have gotten undeserved feedback from a feedback firster, and then have scammed the seller ten ways til sunday, or at least written them nasty emails.

The thing to remember about buying on the internet is that no one knows you from Adam. You could have stolen ten credit cards, or have saved ten orphans' lives and are just buying winter coats for them. No one knows! So blaming sellers for wanting to keep their businesses afloat, I just don't get.

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