Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I am amazed this pair of shoes only went for $158.00. I felt sure it would have gone for $200. I am only a lowly seller, so I never get a 21 bid auction. Then again, very few people are getting 21 bid auctions lately, and most are getting more like one bid, if any bid auctions. This economy has lots and lots of people selling to get cash after they have been laid off, and so the market is a bit dodgy. I'm starting adwords for my store again, hoping to get traffic up.

I'm not as good as a PR pimp as some who are always submitting their wares to magazines, or to charity auctions, because I lack the confidence. I love my stuff, but there's a huge difference between a sterling silver tennis bracelet with real diamonds or something or even a handcrafted bag, made out of vintage fabric, and a chip beaded bracelet, even if it has a cute heart on the end. It's great fun jewelry, but I don't really have a high end grouping. I guess that can be my selling point-fun stuff at a good price. I mean seriously, there's a lot of room for both $200 bracelets and $5 bracelets! Seriously, what do you buy more of? $1 items like my buttons, or items that cost $35?

But then again, who knows? The profit margin is a bit fatter on other items I guess. But then again, who has time to do all that when they should be studying?

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