Saturday, March 26, 2005

Black Business Month is around the corner! Here's a press release. Although, we all need to take responsibilty for helping other people, and not depend on business to magically eradicate our social ills. A quote from Octavia Butler- Just because you throw people away doesn't mean they go away. I sell one inch buttons and jewelry, and that's good and nice, and people like it, and I make a bit more money, but it's not exactly causing everyone to have health coverage or babies to be fed, even if some of my wares do promote the idea of not being selfish.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact:Daniella Masterson(323) 791-9227Mastersonpr1@(space)AOL.COMRecycling Black Dollars CreatesBoulevard Of Pride For Black Business MonthLos Angeles, Ca - During the month of April, African Americans throughout the nation will focus their collective hopes and efforts on Economic Empowerment, one of the most important issues facing their communities, to celebrate Black Business Month.To kick off the ninth year of the hallmark month, Recycling Black Dollars (RBD) will hold a still parade (a line of none moving vehicles) and vendors displaying their products and services from 9:00 am - 2 pm, Friday, April 1 in front of the Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper located at 3800 Crenshaw Blvd. in Los Angeles.In addition, RBD will have a Boulevard Of Pride, a beautiful array of 8'x3' banners displaying the inspiring message: "April is Black Business Month" in addition to the name of a Black business hanging along Crenshaw Blvd.

The Boulevard Of Pride will begin at Jefferson Boulevard and end at Slauson Avenue. This is the fourth year of this grand tradition that summons pride much like Central Park's "The Gates" installation last month.RBD is especially proud to have supporters such as Janice Bryant-Howroyd (ACT-1 Group of Companies), Danny Bakewell (Los Angeles Sentinel /Brotherhood Crusade), Bernard and Shirley Kinsey (KBK Enterprises), Frank Denkins (Office Furniture Outlet), Lenny Woods (Chino Hills Ford), Dr. Frederick K.C. Price (Crenshaw Christian Center), Leon Garr (Garr Construction) and Shelton Johnson (ADDCO Party Rentals) along with many others. These companies have blazed trails in business while also providing the next generation with exemplary models.During this month, consumers will be encouraged to patronize an African American-owned business each day.

By doing so, they will be helping to remove Black-owned businesses from the "blind spot" of the consumer eye. "Los Angeles has 28,000 Black businesses," said Muhammad Nassardeen, CEO of RBD. "The only state to have nearly that many Black businesses is Cook County, Chicago, and they have 5,000 less."Nassardeen went further to explain that "Since we probably have about a dozen Black Fortune 500 companies and businesses on the New York Stock Exchange combined, the community has a big responsibility to rally behind Black businesses to create their own success."

Black Business Month was intended to help Black businesses to create more viable ways to change the economic status of Black Americans. By doing so, the Black community is lifting a tremendous burden off of state and local governments.RBD is a 16-year-old nonprofit organization created to support the success of minority-owned businesses. One of RBD's primary goals is to publicize self-empowerment through effective business strategies, such as supporting existing businesses and forming larger companies that employ residents in their own communities.

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