Thursday, March 31, 2005

I'm introducing a new feature on the blog today. It's called Indie Stylin'. Basically, I'll talk about items I personally like from indie online stores. Today's feature is In The Starlight. Since August, 2003, they have been offering elegant gothic lolita clothing to the masses.I really love their maid dress, their tea party skirt(the skirt I have from them is the strawberry skirt which is on the bottom of the skirts section- although you need to wear a slip under it. It's a very bell shaped skirt which spreads out and probably would look better with a petticoat- but I don't wear petticoats) I also love the neck corset.

In the Starlight really stands out because of the price point. Gothic Lolita clothing from the 'brands' costs over $100 for a skirt, and more than $200 for a dress. Of course, you have to import it if you don't live in Japan for more cost. So it's nice to see affordable clothing. I could probably fit into Japanese sizes, but many Americans can't, so it's nice to see clothing accessible to everyone. They offer fuller sizes at no extra charge.

Of course, I can't get through a blog post without a plug! I have an auction for heart pendants ending today.

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