Sunday, February 26, 2006

I went to Servanada Food Coop yesterday. The bulk foods section is truly impressive, especially their grains-red and regular quinoa, several types of flour, corn meal and corn grits- it's all there. However, be careful about some of their ready made mixes- they can be expensive- the regular stuff is not so bad. I also saw some heirloom potatoes, and I got a pound of organic carrots for 89 cents.

I also visited Criminal Records. I picked up volumes four and five of Love and Rockets, and maybe I have bad eyesight, but they should mark the Fantagraphics section better- who comes into a shop like that for DC/Marvel? Their magazine section, which includes zines, was impressive as usual. I love stores like this because that is the place where new horizons in art and music can grow. Also, they have a rare Ben Folds album, with a live version of Rockin' The Suburbs.

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