Friday, May 23, 2008

I enjoy all things etsy, even if they aren't super happy shiny. So I've discovered the shocking blog, etsy bitch! There's also bad etsy deals, full of calling out! A forum thread. and a shocking compilation of closed threads!!!

I have to admit that I don't really fit in at etsy as I don't do well being all goodie goodie gumdrops. I mean even in real life it's tough for me to have a good personality. Once this guy during a game said missed[in Italian] bitch to me, and I swear he recoiled in fear. Hehehe, so there you have it. I work hard making jewelry, and I like my designs, but the truth is that if you buy handmade not for the workmanship or the beauty of the items, but instead because you think the person making the item is all goodie goodie gumdrops, you'll be really disappointed with my stuff.

But I have faith that the majority of people aren't like that. That people aren't as judgmental as they seem to be. That real humans of flesh and blood can still be successful.


Sweet Figments said...

wow.. why takes the time to compile that stuff..

esque said...

I just checked out etsybitch also, interesting stuff!


SpinachNPeace said...

thanks for sharing all those etsy links!

shannon said...

Hmm...maybe they are amazing multitaskers!!. I'm usually promoting or listing while I'm on my reigns of terror.