Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I'm not in the etsy supply team anymore, because I said that a promotional thread...BELONGS IN PROMOS!!

Here's what etsy says belongs in techniques and materials, where it was originally posted:

Techniques & Materials:
share and seek advice about creating items
Topics that belong in Techniques & Materials:
• photography questions
• crafting how-to help
• questions about materials or tools

Topics that etsy says belong in promotions:

looking to shop, promote yourself or a favorite seller? post here
Topics that belong in Promotions:
• "show me your..."
• "I'm looking to buy..."
• anything that is advertising or promotion
• sales threads for Team promotions
• sharing your Treasuries, favorite shops or recent purchases
• blogs/blog entries highlighting specific items or shops
• milestones in number of sales, hearts or views

Whenever you post something on the forums in these sections, these guidelines pop up. There is no longer an excuse for clogging every single other section with promotions. Everyone thinks their thread is too important to be in promotions, so if we say 'well, because this person is in a group with me, they should be allowed to post anywhere they want' the truth is that everyone on etsy is in a group with someone else on etsy or is someone else's special friend. I also do not agree with the idea that everyone must agree with breaking rules for people to be in a team. Now, I'm not an active member of my many teams, but all the teams I am in right now follow the rules. Etsybead doesn't go and post 'looking for jewelry' in business, Jet doesn't go 'we do custom orders' on the techniques, and you never see etsy artists of color posting 'support diverse artists' on the ideas forum. These are all teams, but they agree to work within etsy's rules on etsy.

Etsy isn't making forum rules to be mean or to be arbitrary. When you spam your promotions in other areas, that not only creates more work for the moderators, it also means that people looking for actual information can't be seen above your promotion. So keep it in promos. The truth is that your post or your group's post is not more important than the posts of everyone else. All the other teams, including one of the vintage teams, have been following the rules all this time, you know.

*I just remembered that trashion also follows the rules, and doesn't spam the forums.
also, now you can flag posts for being in the wrong section- another indication that etsy does not want you to spam.

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