Wednesday, October 29, 2008

[So not my pic! all credit to antb!]

Arrange your nativity scene the way you want! I like the fact that there are so many choices. I like the traditional scene too, but some variety is also good. This reminds me of a woman my dad works with. Every year, she gives us a nativity scene for Christmas. They are very nice nativity scenes, although for some reason this strikes me as odd. I understand the religious part of Christmas, but explicitly religious gifts? I guess maybe it's a culture clash. I thought of that because now nativity scenes make me think of that woman.

Although it'd be a nice scene to put up at a college too- I saw a nativity scene made of straw or something at the theology library in undergrad once.

[Update! This post was written a day ago- but oddly, there's controversy. and crazy people. all because some lady wanted to share the joy of Christmas with everybody!* It may have sold already, but I still love it- maybe one day I'll be able to afford a really nice nativity scene]

*is aware that antb isn't a christian, but neither am I, and I share the joy of Christmas to people all the time!


marcy said...

What an interesting post. I think you presented it really well.

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Marcy (StudioMarcy)

Ant said...

Cassowary, thanks so much for your post! I hope your holidays are bright!