Saturday, February 14, 2009

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While everyone else is celebrating sexual love [or romantic love for you older people] over all other forms of love, helping break down the social links between people as we focus only on our own households, I'm going to talk about how we can build up our communities.

Check on senior citizens during severe weather, severe hot and cold spells, and volunteer at your senior center-

You can save lives by checking on senior citizens.

Organize in your community-

You see an injustice? Get out of bed and organize.

Spend time with your friends-

That girl that has no life but her boyfriend is really annoying. Have you been neglecting your friendships? Reconnect.

Realize that one person can't be your everything-

Your relationship can fall apart under the strain of the idea that one person must serve for all emotional needs. Don't do that to it. It's probably a fine relationship.

There's probably more, but remember- just because you're not humping someone doesn't mean it's not love. Friendships can be deeper and more profound than sexual relationships.


Unknown said...

indeed! i'm a big advocate of the *other* forms of love in addition to the romantic/sexual and do my best to relate to people on a day to day basis out of that non-sexual/romantic love.

very relevant post.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! A lot of people can support you that you wouldn't want to boink. If you rely only on your SO, it's lonely if you grow apart.