Thursday, March 05, 2009


I love twitter. I use it as a combination slow IM, feed poster and reader, blog, and advertisement place. I use it as slow IM because the @replies mean that I can carry on a conversation over a period of hours, folks just chiming in whenever they have time. I also can chat with ten people at the same time, easily. I love talking to people on the internet.

I also use it to publish my feeds using twitterfeed, which means that every time I post a new blog post, a new etsy item or a new website item, people are alerted. I also use it as a feedreader, as my local newspaper posts breaking news and today's headlines on its twitter.

I also use it as a mini blog, for things that don't really require a whole blog post, but may interest others. I will also advertise, by randomly saying hey, I have a sale on it. I love multiuse internet thingies!


Unknown said...

well, seems like you've got it all figured out! great way to get the most out of a feature.

Barbra said...

Makes complete sense though I find all of this is just eating my day away! barely time to create!