Sunday, March 08, 2009


Today I experienced a cultural clash. Me and my relatives were trying to buy a pair of shoes for our grandmother- and sadly, on that side of town[in Whitehaven], half the stores we passed were closed because it was Sunday. Us shop all weekers were quite disappointed!

The picture illustrating this is a treasury I am in.

Now, sadly, I must deal out some reality cupcakes[although coldstone creamery is selling real cupcakes. I must buy some]

You know, the whole staying positive thing annoys me. I can see someone saying I'm trying to stay positive if their mom has cancer or they are addicted to drugs, but yeah, sometimes in business, we don't sell as much as we'd like. It's no biggie.

And really folks, please please please spend more time trying to figure out how the internet works than telling us all how to be. OK?

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