Friday, July 03, 2009

it's a heart

Quote journals are amazing. Some people draw pictures on the pages and decoupage the covers with vintage ads, but I just have some index cards held together with rings. Some may say, why not buy a quote book? It's more expensive and you get boring quotes like "Too blessed to be depressed" or something instead of awesome quotes like "Never again the foamy times" or "There's no time limit on dancing like Michael Jackson".

You can also make little kids do this as an art project. Just have them fold lined paper and give them some markers and crayons and have them go. I bet it would keep them busy for at least half an hour. Quote journals are for everyone from teens that are writing their first in joke journal to senior citizens collecting dirty jokes to share with their friends.

I find that if I start with a quote I remember and change it a little- I call this remixing- I will end up with a quote that is very personally meaningful for me. So try it.

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