Friday, July 31, 2009

One important thing to consider when doing business is moving and grooving with the times. My local local NPR station[WKNO] broke all of these four reasons why NPR is growing. First, there's almost no local coverage. The best we get is maybe some coverage of a $50 opera. Contrast this to MPB which has a whole line up of local shows, including interviews with anyone who has ever thought of Mississippi. WKNO also doesn't use social media well. Their twitter is only a newsfeed, and not of local news. With MPB, there at least some interaction. And of course, the big problem is accessibility. I can pay $300 for a HD radio to listen to Tell Me More or I can switch over to MPB for free and listen. Now, they couldn't have guessed about the recession, but even before, it should have been obvious that being mostly all classical music [on the weekends, instead of something interesting, they have opera. opera. maybe 10 people in Memphis like opera. Certainly something for HD!]

I decided to post about this, because stupid Comcast is TAKING AWAY CHANNELS for paid customers. So I can pay the same amount of money for less channels, including MSNBC, one of my favorites. Just when competition is coming into town. So always focus on the customer's end.

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