Thursday, July 01, 2004

It's time for another site update

And it is a big one! First, I'd like to announce the July contest. Send the best slogan, and win a free grab bag! Also, there are lots of new buttons. The naughty buttons ones are my favorites, as they say "I'm Happy Because I Eat Cock/Pussy". I got the idea from an vintage advertisement that said "They are happy because they eat lard". In Bleeding Hearts, my favorite one days, Stop Blaming, Start Working, because I tend to see people get too smug and complacent in their calls for personal responsibility, and they actually forget their own responsibility for how things turn out.

A new button in Black Pride was sort of a toss up- it could be in several sections. However, I associate the phrase "Each One, Teach One" with blackness, so I put it in there. It's a good phrase for everyone though. Geek Buttons are back with a vengeance with Grrrl Gamer, Book Whore, and Comics Slut buttons. I wonder if they are a bit too feminine, but I don't know.

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