Saturday, August 14, 2004

I'm still plugging away at my ebay store. I am wondering if two stores isn't redundant, but then again, it's two different audiences. ebay attracts people who want bargains on stuff they've seen advertised on TV, and an independent website should attract more adventurous customers. eBay has a greater quantity, so that is good, but it's all about the keywords. I'm still trying out advertising. I've got an ad up on etalkinghead, and have paid for a quizilla ad that hasn't gone live yet.

Maybe when the school year begins, I'll take the plunge and have an ad on It's a lot of money for a week, but might get people talking, and so I'll only have the trouble of maintaining that publicity. I don't know. All I have found is advertising that doesn't work. Button oriented live journal communities looked good, but I am not producing unofficial merchandise for things already on TV, so that doesn't work. Also, going to the flea market and handing out business cards isn't very effective either.

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