Saturday, August 28, 2004

Warning! A bunch of scummy thieves have appropiated Sublime Stiching's designs, and are possibly using sweatshop labor to recreate the designs. Here's what to look for, from her site:

"What should I look for?
Look for clothing in stores that has Sublime Stitching designs with tags that say another company's name, "Made In India" or anything BUT "Sublime Stitching". Even if the tags do say Sublime Stitching, this does not mean they have permission to use my designs and re-sell them to the public. Only crafters making items by hand and selling them at craft-fairs, fund-raisers and through small retail venues are covered by my Angel Policy. "

That's why I'm always skeptical of people who complain about copyrights. Copyrights protect all creators. I had a bit of a strange problem earlier. This page had part of my site on it, but luckily, they corrected it. I'm glad! It was pretty weird.

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