Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I'm still trying to get the keywords and stuff right for jewelry selling. It's a whole new area. Also, here's to hoping I can update my site again soon. Also, some stuff on ebay is ending within about 24 hours or so. Be a sport, check it out.

In other small business news, Mad Scientist University, a game created by a young game creator, who is an alumni of Emory University, will soon be sold from the gaming shop Sword of the Phoenix. This of course brings up the fascinating question of whether it is better to sell things yourself and get all of the profits, or to consign your things and get more exposure? I'm too inexperienced to answer that question.

Speaking of consignment, I have a few buttons in the divatribe shop, but I should work harder with that store. Things in that store have to be exculsives, so I do worry a bit about putting new designs in, since buttons are kind of 'mass produced' product.

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