Thursday, September 23, 2004

I was reading on the switchboards about how annoyed people get when people complain about their prices. I totally feel them. If you can't afford to shop, then don't shop. If you want their high quality handmade goods, pay the price, but if you want mass produced sweat shop labor produced items, well, you're welcome to get them.

People in business have their prices for reasons, especially one man/woman businesses. For example, it takes money to get the things to make the items, and not only that, these people don't buy in the cheaper by volume bulk lots that larger businesses may buy in. Not to mention they need to advertise their sites, go to craft fairs to pimp their goods, package their goods in a cute manner,etc,etc. All of this costs money that the average indie business person doesn't have.

So yes, these adorable bangles cost $7- but the person took time and effort in making them, and chasing down the stuff to make these items. If you want to enjoy a well made product, you might have to pay a bit more.

I'm cheap, and I admit that, but I'd never ask someone to lower their price for me. I'd usually wait for a sale or see if I could snag it cheap off ebay or if I really had to have it, save up, but never annoy a small business person about their prices.

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