Monday, September 13, 2004

I got some more supplies today, so I made a necklace. It's a pink and green one, and I put it up on ebay. I'm a bit nervous about selling things like this on ebay, as I am not a stone expert. I think the stones are rose quartz and jade, and they were sold to me that way, but how could I be sure? Then again, it's being sold for twelve bucks on ebay, so it should be clear that it's fashion jewelry, not the lost jewels of the Queen of England. The stones are also all small pendants which are detachable if you really want to detach them. I'm thinking of making some bracelets, but I don't have enough beads, and my stretch magic doesn't look classy enough to have the pendants on it.

In button news, I'm working hard, but need to draw some things, as that is my new area. Buttons with original art just look more creative and classier than ones without. Although I worry my drawing style is a bit primitive.

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