Monday, December 20, 2004

So yesterday I spent a buttload of money at the craft store. So this morning I had fun making two bracelets, and yesterday I nearly finished a pair of earrings. I have thought up (and posted) four new button designs since I have posted last. Winter break is a great time to stock up your store. I have been suffering from a lack of inventory for some time. I haven't even had enough to really post on divatribe, but I'll put at least one piece up, and find another online mall to promote my stuff too.
Divatribe is a great place, but I worry about the whole mix of jewelry- I can't really in good conscience charge $20 for my stuff, but for some of the other people, charging $20 would put them out of their house, and into the street. So it's kind of weird to have the two types together.

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