Sunday, December 05, 2004

Well, both of my overstock auctions didn't sell. I wonder if the buyer base isn't there yet? Also, it's really annoying that I keep getting all this "be my friend" spam. It's an auction site! Why does anyone care about this 'friends' crap?

I really hate these ebay auctions with stupid trumped up stories. I'm all for marketing, but there's a line you shouldn't cross- and exploiting people's awwwww factor for more bucks is too much. I didn't mind the person who runs saying 'hey, my main income is off my shirts" in the gothic lolita community because it's a community- you talk about stuff. It's not like she put in her auctions a sob story to a bunch of people who just want to buy stuff, and get on with their lives.

When I'm looking at an auction, I really don't care if you have two autistic kids, or that you are selling the cane to cheer your six year old up. I just want the description of the item, and your terms- how many days do I have to pay, what do you take. The real danger is that fake stories will erode everyone's feeling for the real ones. If people make up sob stories, soon they'll get caught, and then no one will believe someone who is really in trouble.

But on a more cheery note, my ebay auctions are selling! Of course, I'm mostly selling anime and manga stuff that I don't need or want. I mostly have manga in Japanese, and one sealed DVD- I already had volume one of His and Her Circumstances, and I bought the box in the rightstuf sale.

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