Tuesday, December 28, 2004

While I have talked about this before, I'll reconsider the subject. I always wonder about people who think it's stupid to sell items with political stuff on them. Maybe it might offend someone, but then again, I'm offended by shirts with whore in glitterpuff on them or maybe I think that fur coats are a terrible crime, but they don't say "don't put words on t shirts. don't sell fur coats, you might offend someone". Nowadays niche marketing is popular- we've recognized that our society is much broader than the mythical middle class one mom, one dad, 2.5 kids, all white family- and we sell accordingly.

Niche marketing makes sense nowadays. We buy things to show who we are. Maybe not the best thing ever- but there it is. So many people would prefer to acquire things that reflect them in their minds, rather than something that looks very cookie cutter. So if a strong basis of your self is your belief system- you might want to buy things that reflect that. That's why you see people with bumper stickers, buttons, and shirts proclaiming their beliefs.

Humans are tribal animals, and they want to show others that they belong to a tribe. If Oog from the other tribe doesn't like it, well, she's free not to buy. But I don't think for example, Oog is going to forgo a bracelet she wants from me, because I have a button saying something she doesn't like. Borders sells books about how liberals are trying to eat babies and drown grandma, but I still buy from Borders, because at the end of the day, we wear our tribal colors, but getting what you want is always a good thing.

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