Sunday, January 09, 2005

I'd like to ask you a favor. I was happy because my site was placed on spacefem they don't just put any putz's link on their site, but my site was rated down by a person who was jealous of me. Please rank it back up. Here is what the loser wrote: <--woooo! Please rate the link between five and ten. Hahahah, they lose You're no fun, mike

He explained this stupid action by saying this: Modding you down because you mostly sell racist or LLL sh*t

By 'racist', he means that I sell buttons that say "love blackness" or noting that the real race card is white privilege, i.e. being the typical person who is jealous that people he thinks are inferior are succeeding where he is sitting on his behind, he complains about actually being against racism, because he thinks more racism would give him status, when he could actually get some status by doing some work. And I'm proud to be a loony liberal. If it wasn't for us, he would not have the time to waste putting down people who actually are doing something- he'd be working 16 hour days or be dead because of tainted food or disease.

This goes to show you that someone is always going to be jealous of you trying to get somewhere in life, even if you are not a black woman, although we do get a lot of jealous people who think they should be ahead because they think they are superior, and shouldn't have to do any work like we do while they are running their mouths. So take this lesson with you when you have to deal with the "god, your designs are ugly" lady at the craft fair(I haven't been to one, but I have heard some stories!), or the sister in law who talks about your 'hobby' and doesn't take you seriously, or anyone else who just sits on their behind and criticizes your achievement, even if they aren't racists.

It's easy to try to tear stuff down- it's hard to build things up- I am working hard, doing link partner ships, rolling out new button designs, creating new jewelry and learning new techniques, finding ways to stretch my marketing dollar. It takes hard work to own your own business- it's something you have made. What do haters have? Nothing.

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