Saturday, January 15, 2005

It seems that Livejournal is back online, and some people aren't happy with ebay's fee increases. I'm not much happy either, but I'll hold back on the idea of whether I should take volume over pricing. On ebay, you can move volume, but usually at low prices. I might use fixed price listings with prices adjusted to absorb the listing fees. Another problem with volume is that I'm slow. I'll make stuff, but I'm not making like ten bracelets a week. I guess I could bite the bullet, and buy a shit load of stuff, but school will be busy.

I understand it's unfair with one part of myself, but I'm trying to think of how to overcome the unfairness with the other part. Then again, I think that the people acting like worrying about fees going up is just for losers may be in for a bit of a surprise. When people sell on ebay, they buy on ebay. When I sell on ebay, it's pretty convienant for me to go and buy more stuff, recycling money here, but when I sell on my website, I'm not going to be on a site where their objects are displayed. Also, general price increases all over the site to cover the new fees may drive away customers.

Of course there is the simple fact that not everyone has the same profit margin- it sounds good to say just sell things that go for $100 a pop, but the odds that you're going to find something cheap that goes for that much is crazy, so it's probably better to adjust to the reality of 99% of people, than the other way around...

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