Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I'm trying other auction sites because of the fee increases. Yahoo has the advantage of free counter, free gallery, and it also has the wrinkle of paid 'showcases'. However, I still don't know how to optimize my auctions for more traffic, and it might be a low traffic site. The length of auctions can be ten days without charge. Overstock has a nice interface for selling. The length of auctions is usually 5 days, although you can change it for free. I also like the free gallery. I find the ratings slightly confusing, and really dislike the whole 'friend' system. What's it for besides getting spammed? The fees are lower to insert. I'm running a test auction right now. I am also still selling on ebay. A lot of auctions are ending today.

If items don't sell, they will be relisted on the place they were on, and if they don't sell a second time, jewelry related items will be placed in my store. I am using a vendio store right now. On one hand, I like the ease of inserting items, on the other hand, I don't like the fees and lack of customization ability that I have. I'm thinking of making my own site.

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