Friday, August 22, 2008

Here's a thread I don't understand. I once knocked out 10 items in a day. Some people are much stronger than the rest of us. Not to mention, sometimes I have a backlog of stock and will post it just to sell it off.


Unknown said...

right. i mean, if i just did it and stopped lallygagging around all day i could plenty of items each day..they might be basic garments like a-line skirts or something, but nonetheless it could get done.

this is pretty much all i do...stay at home and sew (and lallygag), plus over time i've just gotten faster at the process. so i can definitely understand how someone could legitimately pull this off.

and also, like you mentioned, there's the stuff that's just on hand. i've pretty much got a fully stocked ladies boutique up in here.

p.s. got the skirt today and will have it back to you next week.

Anonymous said...

thank you! some of us crafters just can't stop crafting.