Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ah, the old pricing issue. Different speeds is an issue, but many people have learned where to shop for materials. They get in on big group buys, they shop the sales, they get great deals on ebay. So when they put in the cost of materials, they come out a lot better than you'd expect. So don't assume automatically that you know what someone's item costs.

Ebay love! Putting up some more cute stuff.


Unknown said...

i love reading her blog. and so true what you say about materials. i can sometimes find 2-3 yards of good, quality fabric at salvation army for under 50 cents. add some thread and a piece of elastic to that, and i've got a dress for..what??? maybe $1.80. if that much.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you reminded me about thrift salvage. Sometimes I'll get old earrings for less than fifty cents each and make rings and bobby pins out of them.