Thursday, September 25, 2008

banana earrings
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I took the plunge and listed on etsy today. I'm hoping that listing new won't be too bad- I'll have to stop renewing and do all my promotion the hard way now. *sigh*


kim* said...

i want to eat those

shannon said...

...plastic isn't very tasty.

fly tie said...

i pretty much decided that i'm done with the constantly renewing business. i've uped my sewing (aka stopped being lazy and web surfing so much) and am making an effort to list new items more often.

also i'm doing more promotion offline..mostly via word of mouth, handing out cards etc. it hasn't necessarily increased sales on etsy, however it's brought me business with local folks doing custom work, alterations, etc. and at this point, money coming in is money coming in.

shannon said...

I'm going to work harder too! I have a phobia of people, though.