Friday, December 19, 2008

copper bird earrings

55 pictures today! I took advantage of the brief bit of sun and warmth today to do some rephotos and take photos of some new items. It was a bit windy, but not too bad at all. I wish we had more days like this in winter, but most of my pictures are at least serviceable, so good shoot. Now time to put them into flickr groups, change some photos and list some more!

This holiday break is a good time to improve your shop


fly tie said...

wow! and i thought *i* took a lot of pics. for every one picture that folks see of my garments on flickr or etsy, there are usually 10-15 others (of the same garment) that were not chosen. and that's for each pose.

*yaaay* for getting stuff done!

shannon said...

wooow, you do take a lot of pictures! I have a lot of stuff, and need to show it from different angles, and that explains the pictures.

I probably don't take enough!