Sunday, December 07, 2008

a bracelet made out of vintage beads

Today's edition of the Cassowary Glossary invovles the phrase 'the crazy part of the country'. The dictionary definition of this phrase is 'the southern part of the United States of America', but this phrase acknowledges the extreme wackiness of the south. The culture of the South may be rich, giving us blues, rock and roll[by the original black creators, not by Elvis, thank you, very much~!], and very fattening food. However, there are many people you'll meet in the south, such as that lady who thinks Halloween shouldn't be celebrated because it's anti christian, that guy who thinks that if only we had no taxes, a utopia would be arising, and that guy who freaks out when folks say happy holiday instead of merry christmas.

Those exciting folks, along with our wacky political situation- really,do we need to know the views on abortion of the dog catcher?- make the south the most colorful part of the country.


Robin said...

Oh my, I can so identify with this post...I sure miss the barbecue though!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing barbecue. I think barbecue nachos were also invented in the south.