Saturday, April 11, 2009

I had been reading about different generations in the workforce and that reminded me of this constant struggle on the etsy forums. Boomers are associated with a more rigid professionalism. Panty hose, pumps, no swears, ever! My generation 'Y' is more "I don't care if your hair is pink and green, I just want the work done'. You have to decide for yourself what your customer base is. I think mine is more of a 'that's all very nice, now give me my jewelry' type.

When we shop in a store, we don't know that the person at the front desk might swear, dress in terrible fashions, or write fanfiction full of underage sex. For all we know, the workers who make the outfits might do something we don't agree with. I don't think most people worry that deeply over something that's not a core ethical issue.

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