Thursday, April 23, 2009

Often overlooked in finger shaking watch what you say, a customer might be watching threads is the aspect of diversity. I was listening to this segment on how coming up to a coworker and asking them what are you might not be the best course of action if you want to make friends and influence people not to want to kick you in the bits. Heck, I don't like being asked about my heritage and I'm 'mixed' with black,negro and colored! [and one white guy, maybe.]

I was reading this thread and the problem with the I can offend anyone I want, and everyone should just trust my good intentions idea is the underlying assumption that everyone is either not a member of any minority groups or doesn't know anyone from any minority groups, and therefore knows that you don't 'mean' to hurt 'anyone'[unless it's people who 'get offended too easily' and therefore don't count].

Seriously, on the internet, we don't know your intentions and can only go by what you say. It's like a business transaction. If your jewelry falls apart or your soap causes my skin to break out, I'm not going to care about your intentions. I want you to make it right. And in these discussions, a lot of people are fed up with your intentions. We've heard about so many other people's good intentions. They go back and do the same things time after time. So why are you special? Do right or shut up about it, I say.

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