Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Support local businesses this website says. There's one fallacy here- online business can be local business. Today I did some supporting of local business. I went to Muddy's Bake Shop, which I had heard about on twitter. The lemon rosemary cookies were unexpectedly delicious, so I bought one. I also bought a lemon cupcake, which was very good. I expended $2.10 or so. The ambiance is nice with little tables outside, and in the back, I could see someone doing something to a pie that probably causes deliciousness. I also saw a sign promoting some sort of lunch. There is also a community pinboard, so I left a card.

After that, I ended up stuck behind two geese and three goslings in traffic. The goslings were yellow, like long necked ducklings.

I also went to El Metzcal and bought two tacos. I enjoy their strange white cheese and general taconess. I expended about $4 on this. I also put some cards on their front desk.

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