Tuesday, May 05, 2009

You know, it took me forever to get the news of pussy daddy's muting because of how AWOL I've been.

I agree with this lady about following. I'll follow anyone I am interested in following whether or not they follow me back, although that is appreciated. I have to admit that I follow much fewer people than follow me because otherwise my twitter might get too confusing.

Some of today's photos may be salvageable. I've made two pairs of paper earrings, but I also have some necklaces and bracelets made of gemstones for fans of that type of item.

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LilygraceOriginals said...

Yes, I am so peed off she has gone from Etsy, it's just not the same anymore.
And I think I must be simple or something,
but I don't understand why all these people had a problem with her,
I thought she was(is)really nice and very funny :)